Halle General Admission

Not Available

  • A four and a half hour Oktoberfest-inspired seating
  • High energy, unique Bavarian musical performances
  • Authentic European food stalls in the Marktplatz serving pretzels, bratwurst, sauerkraut, meat and cheeses. Watch out for the traditional chocolatier!
  • Access the custom-created Harvest Haus merchandise and gift shop
  • All attendees must drink from a traditional ceramic stein! Choose to purchase your own custom 500ml Harvest Haus stein for $8 or simply rent a stein for $2
  • Gather a group of 12, 18 or 24 and become a Kapitan - get yourself a complimentary ticket and reserve seating for you party. Email info@harvesthaus.com before booking tickets to arrange your Kapitanship
Harvest Bürgermeister (VIP)

Not Available

​Includes all privileges of the Halle General Admission, plus:

  • Premium access to the raised Bavarian-themed long table VIP seating area reserved and secure for VIP
  • Guarantee yourself a table seat!
  • Complimentary custom-created Harvest Haus stein to keep ($8 value)
  • Access to a VIP bar with and an exclusive VIP gulden purchase area
  • Pre-order your traditional Delikatessen board full of german meats & cheeses ahead of time - exclusive to VIP tables only. 
  • Want to atttend Harvest Haus as a VIP every night? Dressed in your very own lederhosen or dirndl? With a coveted Gold Stein? - Consider purchasing a Konig Paket to make the most of your harvest experience!
Payment Methods

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